Joe Kruper

JoeKruperRight after graduating from college in 1992, Joe Kruper began his career as a salesperson in the floor-covering industry. A very competitive person, Joe set an initial goal to earn six figures by the time he turned 30. Joe truly enjoyed his customers, getting to know them and helping them find products that would make them sincerely happy with their purchases. He quickly realized genuine appreciation and attentiveness was turning his customers into lifetime clients. Not only did this separate Joe from his competition, it helped him reach his income goal quickly. As an added bonus, Joe was building solid trust and friendships with people who chose to bring him repeat business and, without him even asking, these customers referred their friends and family to him.

Joe reached his goal by age 28 and earned upwards of $240,000 annually by the age of 35. Along with his genuine care of his repeat customers, he had another “secret weapon” — Joe sent heartfelt thank-you and holiday cards to all of his clients religiously. Two to three referrals a day became his norm, and happy clients continue to bless his business.

Now Joe has his own business, and realizes the secret to lifelong happiness and success is developing a residual income that continues to work even when he is not. Appreciation Marketing has always been the way Joe built his business, and AM Cards will be how Joe builds his legacy. The next chapter is being written now!

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