The Appreciator

“Appreciation Marketing goes way beyond relationship building for just business. It will improve your relationships with family, friends, and everyone you meet on your journey through life. Its a masterpiece.”
– Brian Donelly, Author of The Psychology of Success

“The Appreciator” is somebody who practices the principles of appreciation and gratitude – in some capacity – every day.

The Appreciator . . .

  • Expresses gratitude
  • Is a magnetic person
  • Gives off positive energy
  • Controls his enthusiasm
  • Lifts other people up
  • Doesn’t complain
  • Is humble
  • Is genuine and patient
  • Is clean
  • Is sincere
  • Builds strong relationships
  • Is a giver
  • Is a connector
  • Goes the extra mile
  • Recognizes his assets
  • Is thoughtful
  • Sees good where others cannot
  • Loves life
  • Practices proper habits

If you can put a check mark next to each of these qualities, then you are ahead of the game.

Recently, a friend named Steve met up with a sales manager at a networking event. The two of them traded business cards and set an appointment to meet up for lunch.
During their lunch meeting, Steve shook a bottle of ketchup which ended up all over his shirt. An embarrassing moment, to say the least.

A few days after this lunch, Steve received a bulky envelope in his mailbox. He opened it and removed a hand-written note from that sales manager, expressing his gratitude for lunch and proclaiming what a pleasure it was having met with Steve. Also inside the envelope was a Tide® To Go Stain Stick.

THAT, is a glowing example of Appreciation Marketing. This thoughtful, yet very simple, act has given this sales manager (Jarek) top of mind awareness for life. Not only will Steve think of Jarek every time his business comes up in conversation, but every time he see’s (any company’s) Stain Stick! Classic Appreciator!

We’d love to hear your stories of appreciation. When was the last time you did something that helped set you apart as a human being. And what was the result. Please let us know and perhaps you’ll have your story included in 2010’s “The Appreciator: Stories of Greatness Through Gratitude.”

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