Traci Bogan

Traci Bogan is the world’s first Dreampreneur and leading expert on goal mastery. She has backpacked 75,000 miles, in six continents, through 54 countries.

traci-boganTraci has made a career of putting herself front and center to show others how to break through their fears and achieve their goals using her Goal Planning System (GPS) and Next Level Coaching Program. Her twenty-year passion for personal development is at the core of her business and life philosophy. She is dedicated to working with entrepreneurs and business professionals who are committed to achieving their most ambitious goals and dreams, allowing them to live an empowered life and make their businesses more profitable and operationally sound.

Traci is a product and embodiment of the personal development and Appreciation Marketing principles and systems she teaches in her workshops, coaching programs, and books. She shares a unique tapestry of achievement tips, interactive exercises, and practical strategies gleaned from the teachings of her mentors, as well as experienced from her own journey backpacking around the world. She has been featured on numerous news and radio shows and has lived in China, Hawaii, Alaska, Texas, Wisconsin, and Arizona.